The 2022 homebuilder awards season has arrived. Here are all the exciting awards for which ‘Foundry’ by Miracon have been nominated.

Foundry Langley West 2022 Finalist Categories

Each year the industry and its leaders gather to showcase outstanding portfolios of award-winning projects from all over the province and at a national level. These contenders all demonstrate skill, professionalism, and commitment to creating quality homes across BC and Canada-wide.

Awards season is a bustling time, and with several associations hosting their own celebration we thought we would give you a play-by-play of what each association stands for, and the accomplishments their members celebrate.

HAVAN Awards (formerly Ovation Awards)

“From luxurious kitchen renovations to industry-leading high-performance homes, and from smartly designed laneway houses to neighbourhood-enhancing multi-family developments’ the HAVAN Awards for Housing Excellence is a premier local industry program that recognizes the top homebuilding industry professionals in our region.”

Set around a central greenspace and bordering a scenic creekside trail, Foundry by Miracon is a beautiful addition to the desirable Langley West neighbourhood.

What are we up for?

  • Best Townhouse/Rowhome Unit: Less than 1,500 S.F.
    Foundry Phase 1, Miracon Development Inc. (Surrey)
  • Best Townhouse/Rowhome Unit: 1,500 S.F. and Over
    Foundry Phase 1, Miracon Development Inc. (Surrey)
  • Best Townhouse/Rowhome Development
    Foundry Phase 1, Miracon Development Inc. (Surrey)
  • Best New Kitchen: Multi-Family Production Home
    Foundry Phase 1 – Unit 7, Miracon Development Inc. (Surrey)
    Foundry Phase 1 – Unit 13, Miracon Development Inc. (Surrey)
  • Best Primary Suite: Multi-Family Production Home
    Foundry Phase 1 – Unit 7, Miracon Development Inc. (Surrey)
  • Best Interior Design Display Suite: Multi-Family Home
    Foundry Phase 1 – Unit 7, Miracon Development Inc. (Surrey)

About HAVAN:

At a local level, the Homebuilders Association Vancouver, HAVAN, is Canada’s fastest growing, second-largest home builder association with more than 1,10 members. Since 1974, builders, developers, renovators, designers and other leading professionals have come to build over 65% of Metro Vancouver’s homes, while upholding a reputation of knowledgeable, trusted and resourceful professionals.

HAVAN provides both industry and consumer education, and actively liaises with local municipal governments with the focus of meeting Metro Vancouver’s housing needs. HAVAN is proudly affiliated with both the provincial CHBA BC, and national CHBA offices and is a not-for-profit association.


Georgie Awards®

In 1992 a group of industry professionals sought out to establish a housing awards program to provide value to the residential construction industry and communities throughout BC. Up until 2001 the awards were open to all builders, renovators, and developers. Thereafter, with the purpose of managing the integrity of the program it became a CHBA BC members-only recognition program which is what we are familiar with today. This year, the association received an 11 percent increase in submissions with finalists and winners chosen by a jury of out-of-province industry experts.

What are we up for?

  • Best Multi-Family Townhouse Development (Production) over 10 units including mixed use
    Foundry, Miracon Development Inc. (Surrey)
  • Best Multi-Family Kitchen – New
    Foundry, Miracon Development Inc. (Surrey)
  • Best Interior Design Display Suite – Single Family Production or Multi-Family
    Foundry, Miracon Development Inc. (Surrey)
  • Best Project Identity
    Foundry, Miracon Development Inc. (Surrey)
  • Best Corporate/Project Website
    Foundry, Miracon Development Inc. (Surrey)
  • Marketing Campaign of the Year
    Foundry, Miracon Development Inc. (Surrey)
  • Multi-Family Home Builder of the Year
    Foundry, Miracon Development Inc. (Surrey)

About CHBA BC:

At a provincial level, CHBA BC advocates for its members on a wide range of issues encompassing government regulations, policies, and fiscal planning within the residential construction industry. CHBA BC monitors and participates in the development of building codes and safety standards, the builder licensing process, and offers energy programs.

Smile bigger. Laugh more. Feel excited again. New beginnings brim with possibility. This positive energy inspires life at Foundry. It’s about living our best, here and now.

National Awards for Housing Excellence

The CHBA National Awards for Housing Excellence competition celebrates the best in Canadian new homes, renovations, community development, and residential marketing. The 2022 award season received a record of 800 entries from across Canada.

What are we up for?

  • Best Attached Home – Low-Rise Home | 1,500 square feet and over
    Foundry, Miracon Development Inc. (Surrey)

About CHBA National:

At a national level, and with over 9,000 members, the Canadian Home Builders’ Association (CHBA) has been “the voice of Canada’s residential construction industry” since 1943.

As one of Canada’s largest associations, CHBA members include home builders, renovators, and land developers. They believe in a strong and positive role for housing in Canada’s economy and in the life and development of our communities.

To achieve this goal, they support the business success of their members while ensuring everyone has access to homes that meet their needs.

Modern artisan townhomes designed with flexible, well functioning living spaces and a beautiful signature aesthetic.

As Neil Moody, CEO of the CHBABC said “There has never been a better time to take a moment to celebrate this incredible, resilient industry. Despite a year rife with wildfires, floods, devastation and a worldwide pandemic, our home building and renovation members continued to work hard, keep people employed, and build homes – all while raising the bar on innovation, quality and design excellence.”

We’re honoured to be included in this years’ awards season on all 3 levels. Congratulations to all the finalists for their incredible work and efforts in the residential construction industry. We look forward to seeing you all and celebrating these achievements.

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Written By:

Kelly Pavicic

Kelly holds a BA from the University of British Columbia and carries more than 15 years of experience in the real estate and construction industry. As Project Coordinator, Kelly oversees customer care processes during and after construction, schedules reporting variances and acts as liaison among sales, the customers and stakeholders. Kelly also leads the Miracon social media campaign by engaging in conversations, and connecting with the community with the intent of building relationships.

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